BNY Mellon Investment Management

BNY Mellon Investment Management – the specialist skills of world class investment managers.

BNY Mellon Investment Management’­s model gives investors access to some of the most advanced and highly regarded names in money management. Our multi-boutique investment management model encompasses the skills of world class specialist investment managers. Each has its own unique investment philosophy and proprietary investment process, and each is a leader in its field.

Our structure encourages an entrepreneurial, focused approach to investment and creates an environment in which each investment manager can best perform and build on its individual experience and organisational strengths in the development of new products.

The majority of our strategies are available on a separate account basis and a growing number are available through pooled funds. Our European fund ranges utilise the wider investment powers permitted under the UCITS directive enabling us to extend our offering to include funds that encompass hedge fund style investment strategies with daily pricing and liquidity.

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